What students say about us.....

David is an easy and fun instructor. I enjoy and like his class. I took the renewal course and this was far much better course than the first course I took from another school. He is very smart. I highly recommend his class! ~Catherine W.
The instructor and the staffs shows a lot of dedication and commitment to the students. They were very friendly, approachable and professional.  It made the class a great experience! ~Sue M.
Great news...I passed! I am very excited to begin this endeavor in my pursuit to better myself. Thank you for making the class and exam painless. ~Thelma C.​
Matt is very professional, friendly and makes the class fun. Even the staffs who helped with enrollment were professional and friendly. -Dennis H.
Thanks Malou for yor kindness and help! You are very kind and easy to talk too! ~ Donna A.
Very happy that we took our renewal class with your school. You were very organized, and professional from the time my husband and I registered to the time we received our notary supplies. The supplies are of much better quality than the supplies we received when we first became notaries. Thank you David and Malou for an excellent experience! ~Mary
David is articulate, knowledgeable and establishes rapport with an excellent sense of humor. He patiently brings a dry subject to life during the long session.
I highly recommend his class! -SFSU Paralegal student, 6/15/2013 class.
The instructor made the course a lot of fun. The time went by quickly and I learned so much! He is very kind and knowledgeable and most of all, an excellent instructor. ~Brenda V.
Thank you David for an excellent class!  More interesting than I expected
~Margeret M.
Hello David, I just received my results - I passed!:) Thank you so much! 
~Isabel W.
David was very thorough and always willing to discuss questions and concerns. 
I will defintely enroll with him again when it is time to renew my commission.
-Joe K.
I truly enjoyed learning from David. He is clear and a very approachable person. Every time I send him a question via e-mail, he responds right away.  He is very patient with me, even though I was slow to pick on a few. ~Patricia C.
Hi David, I received notification that I passed the notary exam! Thank you for all your help! ~Jozlyn S
Matt is a very knowledgeable and fun teacher, even though they are only few of us. He made it pro active and enjoyable -Don H.
Great class! I will definitely come here again when my commission expires.
~Anne K.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​